Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our "New" Home - 2007 Damon Challenger 37S

Stacey gets all the credit for this find.  She really wanted a motor home that had bunk beds.  As it turns out those are a rarity.  The market, go figure, is shaped for retirees, whom it is assumed, do not have kids.  So after much searching, Stacey lands upon this one near Mobile, AL.  Only 1,300 miles on this one.  Quite a find.  Don't know what sort of financial shape I'd be in with out Stacey!  Also, bought a used 1998 Saturn to pull behind her.  Again, Stacey's friend's mother owned that car and we got if for $500.  After some work and more money than I paid for it, it is good to go!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Moving Day!

We've officially moved out of our house before Christmas in the hopes of renting our house by the first of the year.  We had plenty of help from friends!  It was true "Joint" military effort as all of our help came from current and former military officers.  We had fellow Air Force Air Battle Managers, an Air Force Tanker pilot, an F-22 pilot, a Marine Corps F-18 pilot and a former Army Paratrooper. This is what I'm going to miss when I retire in February.