Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stillwater Stay

We rolled into Oklahoma in our modern day Conestoga wagon with our first stop being Stillwater.  Why Stillwater?  The first and most important reason...Stacey's Aunt Linda & Uncle Dean live here.  They are truly an inspirational couple and folks to look up to.  They would never agree with me, which makes them all the more inspirational in my book! Team Breitmann loves you, Aunt Linda & Uncle Dean!!
The second reason for staying in Stillwater is OSU.  As an Ohio native, notice I did not say The OSU.  Here it stands for Oklahoma State University, the home of the Cowboys.  Stacey is a proud graduate and Cowgirl.  Stacey's family is truly an OSU family.  As a matter of fact, Aunt Linda & Uncle Dean's son Daniel is married to Dr. Bobbie Kay Lewis, a professor of Strategic Communications at OSU.  She is a gem of a person and another huge inspiration.  We had not met her before and from the first moment we felt like we had known her for years!  No wonder her students had nominated her for and she was selected as the Faculty Advisor of the Year for the entire nation!  Team Breitmann enjoyed our time here in the heart of America! Next stop Oklahoma City!

Team Breitmann dinner out with our Stillwater family: Daniel, Uncle Dean, Aunt Linda and  Dr Bobbie.  Love y'all!
Hailey, Heidi and our dog Molly as we arrive in the Great State of Oklahoma....where the winds come sweeping down the plains!

Left to Right: Uncle Dean, Aunt Linda, Heidi, Stacey, & Hailey at Sunday morning worship!

Me, Stacey, & Hailey in front of  the church we attended with Aunt Linda & Uncle Dean.  Notice the crystal clear sky. A nice break from the humidity of Florida. 

Heidi, Stacey, Hailey out front of a Stillwater staple:  Eskimo Joe's.  Eat at Joe's!  

Hailey & Heidi at the Joe's T-shirt shop!

Hailey, Stacey & Heidi on campus in front of the OSU library.

Hailey gallops onto OSU campus on the OSU Cowboy's horse!  

Orange and Black are the colors 'round these parts!  Don't come here wearing red that's for sure!

Stacey poses in front of her first residence hall with Hailey and Heidi. She took us all around campus.  It was a treat to have her share her walk down memory lane with us!  We love our Cowgirl!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Okay now for the ugly...

The previous post from Stacey may make it appear that this has been "smooth" sailing.... Well, just because we are traveling doesn't exempt us.  LOL!!  Well...
While in TN we received a bunch of rain and experienced some hail for the first time while "camping".  I must say, hail on the roof of our motor home is not comforting!!  Anyway, evidently West TN had experienced a lot of rain lately and this latest downpour really saturated the ground.  The ground has a consistency of thick brown clay.  Think pottery and you get the idea.  While I was breaking camp, Stacey took our Saturn (towed vehicle) to see Mrs. Barbara.  The girls and I packed up and I was maneuvering our "Big ol' Bessie" as the girls call the motor home.  I affectionately refer to our 26,000lb; 37.5' motor home as the "Urban Assault Vehicle (UAV)".  I emphasis the word "Urban" here because it became very evident that taking her too far off the beaten path can lead to potential disaster!  
I was attempting to turn the UAV around in a gravel turn around near the lodge and realized that the turn was too tight to avoid a neaby shed so I had to cut across the center grass area of the gravel turn around....then disaster struck as the rear wheels sunk up to the rims...uggh!  Donkey ears sprouted from my head as I realized my mistake!
Luckily, Mr. Dan, the owner of the Getaway Lodge ranch property was there and proved to be of great assistance.  We attempted in vain to wedge wood and lynx levers under the tires to get traction. We could not get them far enough under the wheels.  I wrestled for quite some time and proceed to get mud all over me.  Oh, did I mention it was freezing cold too!  Good times, good times...  Mr. Dan and I contemplate using his tractor to pull the UAV from behind using the tow hitch, however, his battery was dead and I was not sure the hitch could handle the 26Klb motor home being towed in reverse.  Then it hit me.  I stacked up lynx levelers under the rear hydraulic leveling jacks and used the manual settings to raise up just the rear tires out of the mire.  I thought I'd pressed the bottom levelers into China!  But it worked.  Mr. Dan took his pick up down to the lower pasture and retrieved some wood which we put under the tires.  Free at last!  Thank you Mr. Dan!  I'm not sure how much West TN mud I'm hauling around on the UAV now but, Ol' Bessie is gonna need a bath!  If you are ever in Gibson county, I recommend the Getaway Lodge but, probably "in season"!  Check em out here:  The Getaway Lodge

States we've been to so far...

States we have visited since we departed Florida on 17 Feb 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012

Tennessee Time

We couldn't have a "world tour" without going through Gibson, TN to visit my mentor and very dear friend, Mrs. Barbara Morris.  I worked with her over 20 years ago in Oklahoma City.  I wasn't a Christian at the time but she invested in me and worked hard to show me what a good wife should be.  I didn't really "get it" at the time but I certainly remembered her words and have worked hard to put them in place since then.  She has been and will always be very special to me.  She showed us a wonderful time around Gibson, Milan, and Humbolt, Tennessee.  She took us to a winery, a pottery place, a jewelry party, the home of of the Humbolt Strawberry Festival, the Gibson County Courthouse in Trenton, and the incredible Teapot exhibit with over 100 teapots from all over the world.  Everywhere we went, EVERYONE knew Mrs. Barbara.  She's an incredible woman and we are all blessed to know her!  Thanks Mrs. Barbara for a great time!  We'll see you soon.


The "Lodge" at the Getaway Lodge on the 40-acre ranch where we camped while visiting Mrs. Barbara

View from our front door of our campsite.

Our campsite on the 40 acre Getaway Lodge property.  Peaceful!

The road back to the camp site.

The front gate to where we camped.  If you are ever in Gibson County and want a true West Tennessee getaway experience you have to look up Mr. Dan at the Getaway Lodge!  We had full hookups and the place to ourselves!  Thank you Mr. Dan.  Our dog Molly loved this place!

Molly at top speed in the woods at the Getaway Lodge property.

Heidi and Hailey at Mrs. Barbara's home church. 

Gibson Baptist Church.  We all attended Wednesday night Bible study with Mrs. Barbara.  True salt of the earth folk here.  Normal Sunday attendance = 35.  On the roll = 95.  Small but mighty! 

Toured the County seat here.

The requisite monument out front of the court house in honor of the Confederate Soldiers courtesy of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.  Erected 1907.

A little Civil War history. The confederates that took the town burned the allegiances and bonds to the United States of America that the local citizens had signed.

Heidi and Hailey make cookies with Mrs. Barbara in her kitchen.

Mrs Barbara's famous southern hospitality.  The young girl, Sedona, next to Mrs. Barbara is her protege.  A wonderful young gal.  We wish you the best Sedona! 

Hailey has a blast with "Bud" the cat at Mrs. Barbara's.

Mrs. Barbara's house.  It has been in her family since 1889, when Dr. Morris built it.  It is an absolutely beautiful house.

Hailey out front of Mrs. Barbara's place.

Hailey.  "How fun is this place".

Hailey has a blast climbing the century old trees.

Hailey admires the "wall art" in the Gibson cafe.  You gotta ask for a menu 'cause you are assumed to know what it is they have to serve ya!

Field trip to the local Humbolt Museum.  What?  No cell phones back then.  The local factory phone number = 2.  LOL!

Okay Dad,  you read us one more sign and your in the slammer!

Hailey gets a little lesson on pottery wheels.  The local West Tennessee clay is good for makin' pottery.

Hailey outside of the local winery.

Dad asks for a tour and tries to sneak a some what large sample!

Team Breitmann with Mrs. Barbara.  We love ya, Mrs. Barbara.  Thank you for the awesome time in Gibson County, TN!Its off to Stillwater, OK!!

Our time in Birmingham

Our "Big Bessie" parked out front of the Fico's house.  Eat your heart out cousin Eddie!
Our first real stop...outside of the Walmart parking lot in Montgomery, AL our first night out...was in Birmingham, AL visiting our friends, The Ficos.  We had a great time cooking out, working on the motor home, and enjoying their hot tub!  My back feels wonderful!  :)

We went to The Church at Brook Hills on Sunday.  It is pastored by David Platt, the author of Radical.  It was a church of about 2,000 people at each service.  It was incredible to hear almost 2,000 bibles all being opened at the same time!  Yes, everyone there had a bible....and opened it!  I thought of you Kevin Stewart.  I knew you would love it if you were there.
Heidi, Hailey & Stacey at The Church at Brook Hills

It's on to Gibson, TN.....

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Retired & On the Road!!

I can not believe it has arrived.  I AM RETIRED!  I was very nervous about the retirement ceremony and the requisite "speech" I was to make.  It turned out that I had a blast at the ceremony!  A very pleasant surprise.  Not only did I have a great time but, Stacey surprised the heck out of me with some awesome surprises.  First, she arranged for my best friend, Lt Col Stu Killian from college Air Force ROTC,  to fly in to surprise me.  What a pleasant shock to have him there.  We were commissioned together and it was great to share my retirement ceremony with him.  Additionally, Stacey arranges to have totally tremendous cake made for the reception.  It looked like something from the "Cake Boss"!  Lastly, the video tribute that she and the girls made for me was awesome.  Another awesome treat for me was to have my good friend,  Major Jon Montgomery, USAF (Ret), fly in from Sacramento, CA to be my retiring official and retire me.  He humbled me with some great words.

Major Jon Montgomery (Ret.)’s Speech

I'm so honored and happy to be here and to be a part of this ceremony for the best leader, subordinate and friend any person could ask for, Lt Col Todd “Notso” Breitmann.  It's great to see you all! 

I’m not sure who captured the thought or wrote the first article for Air University on the topic of the essence of the Air Force.  But, I do know it’s been said one could boil down what we do to two things:  MISSION and PEOPLE.  It’s no surprise to anyone here when I say that Notso excelled at taking care of both. 
While reflecting upon working with and for Lt Col Breitmann, I remembered a test I was given while at SOS.  It was a written test designed to give us feedback on our own leadership style.  Feedback on how we ourselves viewed the “balancing” of mission and people in various work situations.  Scenarios were described, and we had to select the choice, A-thru-D, describing which path we’d take as a leader for each situation.  Each answer had a correlating point value (a scale of 1-9 for mission and 1-9 for people -- with 9 being good).  I remember thinking about the answers which were 9-9’s.  To that point in my career, I had not known anyone who could actually perform at the 9-9 level.  I took the test with a grain of salt, deciding it was just pie in the sky.  But, as the years passed, I saw a number of leaders of this caliber, but had not really worked with a 9-9 performer, until I worked for Lt Col Breitmann. 

As we go over just a few highlights of his career, you’ll clearly see that 9 level performance on mission stand out.  Sadly, OPR’s don’t always capture the 9-level performance with respect to people.  But I can tell you that’s what he was characterized by. 
Todd has had an outstanding career.  He began by working as a C-130 turboprop mechanic, a drill status guardsman in his home state of Ohio.  He quickly discovered the lifestyle was to his liking.  (You know if you think about it, Todd’s Ohio roots should be no surprise, because as we all know—and I think Oscar and Spray will back me up on this—most of the cool people in the AF are from Ohio!)  He was also enrolled in ROTC at Bowling Green State University, and finished  as a DG and the corps commander.  He clearly established himself as a leader. 

After attending ABM school here at Tyndall, and E-3 school at Tinker, he was an Air Weapons Officer and instructor in the 963rd AACS, and eventually was selected for instructor duty in the E-3 flying training squadron.  He did outstanding work in Weapons and Tactics, and as the scheduler for all Weapons crewmembers for the squadron.  That’s 26 instructors and over 100 students!  I think everyone knows how demanding a job like that can be with all the syllabus requirements, wx cancels, mx cancels, etc.  Lt Col Breitmann set the standard and gained great understanding of the entire E-3 process.  This assignment gave him a firm foundation in C2.      

Then, thinking back to how much he enjoyed the benefits of the guard way of life, Stacey and he determined to come to Tyndall in ’97.     

I’m so glad he did!   

He was qualified in 1/3 of the time allotted.  And right away, he also leveraged his much needed E-3 experience to improve the SEADS/E-3 interface.  We he saw something that could be better, he did what it took to make it so. 

He continued to excel and became a SD, giving an exemplary performance leading up to and during the 99 ORI, directly contributing to the to SEADS receiving an “Outstanding.”  This led to his selection as an instructor SD ahead of his peers. 
As time went by he became the chief of Combat Ops and a flight Commander.  The norm was finding him at work on removing seems and filling gaps with sector operations involving the E-3.  As it should be.  He championed the MR (mission ready) E-3 billet being added to unit manning document, ultimately becoming the first mission ready E-3 crewmember of the ANG.   This provided a much needed bridge between the sector and the E-3 wing, solidifying their combined performance.
I think anyone who’s worked with him knows he operates with a “why can’t we?” attitude.  His initiative and refreshing approach – outside the box thinking – worked out well for SEADS time and again.  

As we all know, time continues to pass, and the nature of the threat changes.  Thankfully, the nature of the sector’s operations evolves right along.  RANK Breitmann was the lead coordinator for the first ever employment of an Army Avenger unit in a NORAD live-fly exercise.  It was a huge success, in large part due to his work. 

All the while, he faithfully augments the training section and stan eval, assisting in crew member development and qualification. 

Now we come to 911.  The event that has changed air defense forever.  He was absolutely key in the sector’s performance during the 911 response.  His expert advice to the Battle Commander on employment of the E-3, ground mobile radar, AEGIS, US Customs P-3, E-2 Hawkeyes, and ADA (Air Defense Artillery) was invaluable.  His quick thinking and management of the many assets augmenting our mission was crucial.  He designed ground-breaking applications for  our Have Quick radios, the SATCOM radios and drafted the first ever SEADS SPINS for ONE.  (Operation Noble Eagle).  He also initiated coordination with the USSS for our first-ever POTUS protection missions.    
In his next assignment, he transitioned into the Executive officer role – a role that is ideal for him. 

He developed a new awards and decorations program for the unit which became the model for the FLANG.  I simply cannot put it any better than to read a few lines to you from his OPR. 
“Exceptional communication skills – (written and verbal) brings precision, clarity and focus to any topic”
“Outstanding ability to manage any project or program; grasps concept and context with minimal direction, then creates “dead-on” solutions that exceed expectations, identifying unseen dimensions and possibilities.  That’s exactly the experience I had while working with him!  In short Notso get’s it.  And “getting it” allows him to boil down any problem to the key issue.    

In 2004 he became the (or a) OIC of the weapons section.  He was key in the sector’s work for the Katrina response.  His skill was critical in setting up the proper methods between the helos, AEW and Joint Rescue Coordination Cell – resulting in hundreds of rescues.  

Later, his transition over to the AOC was a natural progression – Deputy Chief of C2 Plans.  His work, was described as “superb.”  He designed a new RFF (Request for Forces) procedure between the AOC and first AF.  He researched and obtained the newest version of IMOM software (Improved many on Many) for radar coverage predictions.  This gave us a vastly improved radar modeling capability.  Specifically, it gave us the ability to load in notional radars anywhere we needed.  Today, this tool is foundational for all our planning, no matter the event.

He moved over to Strategy Division in 2008.  He was the lead planner for the 2008 Republican National Convention, leading a vast interagency team in developing an comprehensive IAD (Integrated Air Defense Plan).  He also led planning for the G-20 Economic Summit, developing the AOC’s CONOPS. 

In 2009, I was very happy to have him come back to C2 Plans as the team chief.  He spearheaded the development of TTP(s) (Tactics Techniques and Procedures)  for the now formalized DIADS (Deployable Integrated Air Defense System) concept.  He was key in the planning of the Vancouver Olympics, and moved the ball far forward with the Area Air Defense Plan.  None of these things I’m describing are simple tasks, but the AADP was no small task!  Trying to synthesize thousands of pages of documentation along with the new ideas we as an AOC wanted implemented was a daunting challenge.  It required knowledge which was broad and deep!  Lt Col Breitmann was up to the challenge.    
He was the vision behind the “out of the box” SPINS for the Deepwater Horizon response…another daunting task we still laugh about occasionally.
He authored the CFACC’s Joint Air Operations Plan for sensitive operations).   
And something really huge – he laid the initial work for beginning the use of the 263rd AAMDC Sentinel radars to augment our daily radar coverage for POTUS and other special events.  This is now routine, and it is saving the taxpayers millions and millions of dollars.  (I don’t know the exact figure, but I can garuantee you Donnie Garrison can give you the exact figure in a hot second!)

 And his last position – as Strategy Plans Team Chief --  superb common sense and professional knowledge led to the formulation of an executable JACCE (Jt Air Component Coordination Element) CONOPS.  This is the foundation for how we’ll respond to crisis.  It takes a great deal of thought and coordination to capture and communicate it.   

As I mentioned, In all this, he consistently pushed the envelope for better answers to bothersome questions.  His “why can’t we” approach was just what the doctor ordered.

Plain and simple, Todd gave his heart to the tasks at hand.  He cared, and was willing to pay whatever the cost to do the right thing.  I can honestly say that he was the best supervisor I had in my 24 years.  He took great care of me.   He did it simply because it was the right thing to do.

Notso—I’m so glad that your ultimate career manager destined you to be here at SEADS and the AOC as you have.  When we look at how our operations have changed over the years of your tenure, and the challenges we faced…we needed your 9-9 level work!  This unit, it’s people, and the American people are so much the better for it!  

Thank you, Notso, for all you’ve given.  I want to thank you for your professional and personal mentorship, your inspiration, and especially your friendship.  You have impacted and continue to impact my life positively!  

My hope and prayer for you is this:  that the Lord's peace will guide you, His provision follow you, that His mercy and grace be on your left hand, and His wisdom be on your right hand--all the days of your life.  You’ve had some great days, but I’m confident your best days, months and years are yet to come! 

 Congratulations on a fantastic career Colonel!!  Godspeed

My retirement talk:

Retirement Talk
Lt Col Todd E. Breitmann

I’m not sure I can get thru this without power point slides, so bear with me as i refer to my analog teleprompter.

First, thank you to all those who made this ceremony possible, I’m truly humbled:

SMSgt Billie Statom, he planned all the details and made it all happen. no small task!  Thank you, B

Maj Jon “Monty” Montgomery, he flew in from Sacramento, California and you heard all those nice things he said about me.  Jon, I got your cash waiting for you!

The color guard.  the finest color guard in the Air Force.  You guys are a credit to yourselves and the country.  Thank you.

MSgt Charlie Fuller.  Charlie it’s an honor to have you here with me today.  You and I slogged through 2 full marathons and 2 half marathons.  I intend that my talk not be a marathon.

Lt Col Ruthann Fisher.  Thank you for your support in the details and assisting with getting My family and friends inside the gate. You are a great friend.

Lt Col Mike “Torch” Valle .  last but not least, thanks for being the “voice” of this event and being a great friend all these years.

Wow!  What to say? The milestone of retirement led me to the realize how short life is and what’s important. Roughly twenty-four years have slipped by. I’ve thought about what to say and I came to the conclusion that I should talk about relationships.

Whether we are pushing paper or defending freedom its relationships that make it happen.  I don’t care how great a “system” or command and control chart you have; relationships make or break the endeavor. What I’m saying is nothing profound or new, but it begs repeating.  
even knowing how critical relationships are to success, I have been guilty of neglecting relationships.  

The urgency of things and striving for accomplishments wars against the importance of relationships.  
Too often I’ve gone out of my way to accommodate in areas that in the end, amount to dust.
I like the challenge articulated by Colonel Paul Yingling that he put to a class of West Point Cadets.  
He said; “Think about the one or two individuals who had the most lasting personal impact on your life.  
Okay, now, think about the one or two Secretary’s of Defense who had the same enduring impact on your personal life?”  
I think you get the idea of what he was driving towards.

I stand here today by the grace of God and because the people he put into my path, CHOSE to invest in me.  They stuck by me thru the good and the “ugly”.

The number one person that unselfishly chose me is my wife, Stacey.  If you are familiar with the book of Proverbs, then you’ll understand what I mean when I say she truly is a Proverbs 31 woman.  Stacey, your prayers, support and sacrifice “saved” me in the biggest sense of the word. You are the foundation of the success I have enjoyed. I am at a loss of words…all I can say is “thank you.”
To my girls, Heidi and Hailey.  
A father could not ask for more.  The gift of you has made me realize how much God loves me.  You make me proud.  

To my parents.  
You invested your time and energy in me.  It has paid off in my life.  Dad, you introduced me to the military and it stuck.  One of my earliest childhood memories is of you putting me in the cockpit of an F-100.  mom, your took the extra tutoring time that i needed.  I still have flash cards burned into my brain!  Thank you.

To my “band of brothers”.
Jon Montgomery, Kevin Stewart, Michael Bryan and Bobby Weaver, I’m at a loss of words to describe the gratitude I have. You encircled me and my family over the years.  Thank you. True friends you are.  

With respect to relationships, how many of us can honestly say that we have been “on top of our game” 100 percent of our lives?!  I know i want to portray a progressive path of continual upward improvement but, the truth is we all experience setbacks.
Despite the “Superman” aura of the warrior profession, no one escapes… no one.  
It's investment in relationships that helps us get through life’s challenges and contributes to our successes.

I believe that the leadership of this unit understands this. They do a fantastic job of taking care of people.  While I have not met anyone yet, that can describe Colonel Spear as a “people-person”; what I do know of him is that when push comes to shove you can’t ask for better.
Sir, thank you for your understanding, discipline and correction.  I’m better for it and so is this unit.

Colonel Cucchi.  A common sense warrior, if there ever was one.  I truly appreciate your advocacy in battles against bureaucracy.  It has been a great comfort to know that you had my back.  you are a class act. Thank you, sir.

Colonel Mark Maier.  
We go way back to the SEADS days.  
I remember Major Mark Maier, as my flight commander.  and later, You and I worked side by side on the SEADS battle staff right rightafter 9/11.  
You’ve been a great boss and personal friend to me and my family through the good and bad.  Thank you, sir.

Colonel Wade Causey.  
You could not ask for a more down to earth person. i notice that You use a lot of words, especially for an F-15 driver!   We shared many great conversations that are on sacred ground.  Thank you, sir!

Lt Col Chuck Collings.  
another no nonsense warrior!  I’ve truly enjoyed working for you.  You are a credit to the Armed Forces of Canada.  Thank you, for your rock solid leadership.

Lt Col Brian Johnson
you epitomize calm, confident leadership in the midst of chaos.  i’ve learned a lot by your example that will serve me well.  biggen, thanks for listening to me rant and personally giving me a front row seat on an acm sortie.

Colonel John Ferry.
I have yet to find a finer officer and gentlemen .  He’s the reason I’ve attained the rank and station I have today.  Leadership is not easy to define but, you know it when you see it. He exemplifies it.  
In my humble opinion, the Strategy Division, which he leads, is the most difficult Division to provide leadership because the bookends can be limitless.  
Sir, you make it look easy.
Thank you for your mentorship, guidance and honest feedback.

The folks i just mentioned are representative of the great people here and i could go on and on but, there would not be enough time.

The bottomline is I want to impress is that relationships matter…. both inside and outside the gates.
again, it's the relationships that make it all work.
It cannot be done alone.  You can call it the “wingman” concept or “band of brothers”.
In every aspect of life, we need trusted folks that will help us recognize our spatial disorientation.
For It’s the unrecognized and our own inability to accurately self-assess the unrecognized that leads to our downfall.
As individuals, we need to continually examine ourselves with respect to our shared Core Values of Integrity first, Service before Self and Excellence in all we do.  
This is where the “hard work” takes place.  
As the late Col. John Boyd once said; “If a man does the right thing, it does not matter how overwhelming the odds against him.  There is always a way to victory.”  
But life is not a solo sport. And it’s anything but easy.  
it requires teamwork.
A great illustration of teamwork can be found in the movie “Gladiator”.
it tells the story of Maximus, a once-celebrated Roman general of the northern armies, who was betrayed and forced into slavery.
The movie focuses on his rise through the gladiator ranks, eventually avenging injustices committed against him and his family.
Moments before Maximus’s first battle against a powerful, unseen foe in a Roman coliseum, he tells his fellow gladiators, “Whatever comes out of these gates, we’ve got a better chance of survival if we work together. If we stay together—we survive!” And to the amazement of the crowd, the overmatched gladiators band together and pull off an unlikely victory.

In this same way, if you can continue to be wingmen to each other, then there is nothing you can’t weather in accomplishing the awesome responsibility entrusted to you by the citizens of the United States.
I can attest that you accomplish the mission better than anyone else in the world!  It has been a privilege to be a part of this awesome team.
In closing, just as I publicly took an oath upon my commissioning, I make the following resolution to guide the rest of my life:

I DO solemnly resolve before God to take full responsibility for myself, my wife, and my children.

I WILL love them, protect them, serve them, and teach them the Word of God as the spiritual leader of my home.

I WILL be faithful to my wife, to love and honor her, and be willing to lay down my life for her as Jesus Christ did for me.

I WILL bless my children and teach them to love God with all of their hearts, all of their minds, and all of their strength.

I WILL train them to honor authority and live responsibly.

I WILL confront evil, pursue justice, and love mercy.

I WILL pray for others and treat them with kindness, respect, and compassion.

I WILL work diligently to provide for the needs of my family.

I WILL forgive those who have wronged me and reconcile with those I have wronged.

I WILL learn from my mistakes, repent of my sins, and walk with integrity as a man answerable to God.

I WILL seek to honor God, be faithful, obey His Word, and do His will.

I WILL courageously work with the strength God provides to fulfill this resolution for the rest of my life.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

i know that time is something you can not make more of.  i Thank you for SPENDING YOUR time to share this day with me and my family! God Bless!

Retirement Cake

I retired on Tuesday the 14th of February and we spent the next few days prepping our RV at the Tyndall Fam Camp for our planned departure on Friday.  Also, it was fast and furious seeing friends we have had for the past 15 years and others we have made recently.  What a bitter sweet experience.  The bitter part was us leaving them for a year or more.  The sweet part was the not only our sense of freedom but, also God showed us how he has blessed us with truly awesome friends.
Tyndall Fam Camp Fire Pit
Tyndall Fam Camp Pre-depature staging
Good Bye Tyndall Fam Camp!
Wake up!  It's time to go!
Heidi doing school work
Hailey doing school on the way to Birmingham, AL
Our First Night turns out to be a Walmart Parking Lot in Montgomery, AL!  LOL!
Hailey and an Alabama peanut! Hey, what State is the largest ball of twine located? LOL!

Getting Ready to Go and saying goodbye to Allison (left)

Team Breitmann Urban Assault Vehicles lashed up and ready to launch!

Love the sign!  We plan on seeing as much of it as possible!

Don't Try this at home!

The first State outside of Florida!
Parked in front of our friends house in Birmingham, AL.  Eat your heart out cousin Eddie!